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RE: Why doesn't Emacs have a horizontal scroll bar?

From: brianjiang
Subject: RE: Why doesn't Emacs have a horizontal scroll bar?
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 20:52:20 +0800

Thanks all.

I tried "scroll-left" and "scroll-right" today,  and found (scroll-left 1) and 
(scroll-right 1) [or "c-u 1 c-x <" and "c-u 1 c-x >] work for me (e.g., review 
the sdelta files). I think I will add quick key-bindings for them. 

But I still think a horizontal bar can be very useful. Maybe many emacs experts 
don't use mouse at all :) But for many people, mouse is very convenient for 
some tasks.

Also, I think "Truncate long lines in this buffer" is good enough too. It is 
not "word wrap". It truncate the words at any position (e.g., "words" can be 
truncate to "wo" in current line and "ords" in the next line.) It is really 
make the text difficult to read. Any solution for this? (auto-fill can wrap the 
text in a word basis, but 1). It doesn't wrap the word based on the window 
width, 2). It will modify the file while we don't want to change anything.)


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Subject: Re: Why doesn't Emacs have a horizontal scroll bar?

<address@hidden> writes:

> Why doesn't Emacs have a horizontal scroll bar? 

Probably because noone needed it so much that he/she decided to implement it.

> Sometimes I have to use other editor to edit something just because 
> emacs has not horizontal scroll bar and it is not very convenient to 
> do some tasks.

When I started using Emacs I also thought I needed a horizontal scroll bar, but 
in reality I have never needed one. I either use `scroll-left' and 
`scroll-right' (I use the Ctrl + PageDown and Ctrl + Page Up keybindings) when 
text is truncated or I let the text be wrapped.

Have you tried `scroll-left' and `scroll-right'? Does it not work for you? If 
so, what are the use cases where you would need a horizontal scroll bar?
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