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Re: PATH Variable

From: srandby
Subject: Re: PATH Variable
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 07:17:02 -0700
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Thanks for the help, I've got it working now.

I'm relatively new to Emacs, but I wish I wasn't. I've used other
editors through the years, but none of them compare favorably to
Emacs. For a long time, I used BBEdit (a Mac editor). It is a fine
editor, but change requests I've submitted to Bare Bones have mostly
been ignored and it is impossible to customize. Later, I used JEdit,
but getting Java to work on a Linux box is a pain and the editor is
sometimes slow and buggy. Now, I'm using Emacs which I installed
easily. The documentation is great, the features are fantastic, it is
free software (as in liberty of course), the community is supportive,
and on and on. I've seen Emacs derided on a number of forums, but
those putting down Emacs must not know much of anything about it.

Scott Randby

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