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Re: How to use etags-select

From: Scott Frazer
Subject: Re: How to use etags-select
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:35:40 -0400
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Rafal Kurcz wrote:
Now the numbering of tags is very, very useful. Below are my
conclusions about using etags-select:
1. It is very nice that it takes advantage of searchable mini buffer -
especially in case of the long list of tags.


2. How to force etags-select to be case-sensitive.
  I've setup (setq tags-case-fold-search nil) and it works for M-. but
unfortunately it does not work in etags-select.
  It is very important when browsing C/C++ code.

Fixed, see EmacsWiki.

3. It would be very nice to show more information in the list of tags.
  For example VIM uses the following format to show the list of tags
generated by "exuberent-ctags -R":

 # pri kind tag               file
  1 FSC m    speed             class.cpp
               int speed;
  2 FSC f    speed             class.cpp
               void speed () {return;}
  3 F C f    speed             class.cpp
               int speed () {return 10;}
  4 F C f    speed             class.cpp
               char speed (char c) {return c;}
Choice number (<Enter> cancels):


I can see that it works partially for TAGS generated by etags from
emacs but does not work for TAGS generated by "exuberent-ctags -e -R".
I guess that for the sake of convinience it is better to have each tag
description in a single line.

I can't really do much about this, I can only work with what etags and
exuberant-ctags generates.  etags adds namespace information for c++ code,
which I show as part of the tag name.  exuberant-ctags just puts in the
unqualified tag.  You can add the 'extra' option:

ctags --extra=q -e -R

which will include the namespace info, but it keeps the original tag also;
i.e. you get double entries for most tags, both pointing to the same line
of code.  If it really bugs you, it would be pretty easy to post-process
the TAGS file and remove the duplicates (left as an exercise for the


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