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Location of TAGS table

From: Rafal Kurcz
Subject: Location of TAGS table
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 09:30:37 -0700
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How to specify the location of the TAGS table.
The directory with C++ sources is:

It contains the subdirectory:

The tags file is:

The following setting in ~/.emacs does not work for me:
(setq tags-file-name '("./TAGS"))

The following setting  works unless I jump to the source file from
extensions/ subdirectory.
Then it prompts me for the location of a TAGS file again.
(setq tags-table-list '("./"))

I would like to tell emacs to locate the TAGS file in a directory I
start emacs from (/source/ in above example).
I would like it to work even in the case when I start emacs as

cd /source
emacs extensions/file.cpp

visit-tags-table works correct in all above cases but it is a bit
inconvenient to perform that everytime I start emacs.

I don't use tags-file-name and tags-table-list settings in the same

Thank You for help

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