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distributed revision control?

From: knubee
Subject: distributed revision control?
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 20:12:38 -0700
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A colleague and I want to work on some shared documents via tramp and
revision control. The issue: we do not have access to a shared
location that could serve as a centralized repository. (Our project
isn't an open source software project and doesn't warrant such things
as sourceforge etc. We tried google projects but couldn't see a way to
integrate this with emacs version control.)

Reading about "distributed revision control systems" (DRCS) suggests
this may be the way to go. However, most of the information we have
found suggests that although individuals can work independently on
their local versions, there is an assumption that at some point
changes are committed to a single repository.

The model we would like to pursue is that the local version of one of
us exists as the main repository. So, one approach is" "committing" to
that repository would take the form of something more like email than
ftp/ssh access to a machine with a repository. (We are also open to
other approaches)

Does anyone here know if Arch or Bazaar-NG (or something else we could
use from within emacs) support such a model? If so, any pointers to
how to do this?

(Sorry if this post is off topic. If there is a more appropriate list
that deals with revision control systems available within emacs,
please let me know.)


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