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Inferior Python Mode

From: Matt
Subject: Inferior Python Mode
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 06:35:24 -0000
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I am a newbie with emacs and am trying to open an inferior python
buffer. I have emacs 22.1.1 and python 2.5.1 on a windows xp system.
Both work well indepenently from eachother (python in IDLE), however,
when I type "M-x run-python" I get the message "Searching for program:
no such file or directory, python". Can anyone give me a pointer on
how to help emacs find and execute pyton?

I at first thought I had to use the lisp command load-path in
my .emacs file to help emacs find my Python directory but I have had
no luck with that.
(setq load-path (cons "C:\Python25" load-path))

Anything would help, even a reference.

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