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RE: mthesaur v synonyms

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: mthesaur v synonyms
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 07:49:20 -0700

> > Use `delete-selection-mode' to type over selected text (region).
> Heh. Emacs. Wonderful. Although it should be the default IMO.

I agree. At least `transient-mark-mode' (which is used by
`delete-selection-mode') should be the default. This topic comes up for
discussion about once a year on the emacs-devel mailing list, but so far it
is not the default.

> > I use `insert' as the value, because I don't want the initial input
> > preselected. I generally edit it only slightly - I don't want
> > to replace it entirely.
> The default in most apps when you tab or select a field is to hilite the
> word. If you want to edit then cursor in. Just a preference, but the
> wonderful configuration here allows all flavours. Impressive.

Different people have different preferences, especially for UI. It's
important to try to accommodate them, within the given overall UI design.
Some people will of course want changes to the design itself. It's hard to
please everyone, but some effort should be made to accommodate minor

> > Or, if you also do not want other top-level commands rebound by Icicles,
> > customize option `icicle-bind-top-level-commands-flag' to nil.
> I set this, but f5 still run icicle-cmd.

`icicle-cmd' does not exist. There is a file `icicles-cmd.el'. f5 is bound
by Icicles only to `icicle-kmacro', and only if
`icicle-bind-top-level-commands-flag' is non-nil.

> Did I understand right that it
> should stop the f5/top level bindings altogether?

Yes. Please make sure you have the latest `icicle-mode.el'. When
`icicle-mode' is entered, this test is made:

(when icicle-bind-top-level-commands-flag
  (define-key icicle-mode-map [f5] 'icicle-kmacro))

If icicle-bind-top-level-commands-flag is nil, f5 should not be touched by
Icicles. If you see another behavior, please file a bug report
(`icicle-send-bug-report'), starting from "emacs -Q".

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