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File header/title box ??

From: William Case
Subject: File header/title box ??
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:21:06 -0400


Does anyone know where I can find a File header/title box tool that I
can use for C, Lisp and/or shell scripts written in GNUemacs?  I have
visited the wiki and there is one called header2.el which seems far more
complex than I need.

Ideally, it would be something that just includes some kind of outline
box (dependent on the modes comments style) with space for name of file,
brief description of programs purpose, author, date and time of last
modification.  That is all I need.

I was about to write a macro to do the above, then thought someone has
probably already created something simple I could use.  One style would
suffice.  I could edit for different modes.

Any suggestions, references or copies welcomed.

Regards Bill

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