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Re: deleting minibuffer

From: sunway
Subject: Re: deleting minibuffer
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 20:29:49 +0800
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Nikola Skoric wrote:
> Hi there everybody :-) I'm a brand new emacs user, and I'd like to get
> rid of some of some minibuffers that I generate (for instance
> *Completions* minibuffer) and then the y get in my way when I do the
> C-x -> thing. When I do C-x 0, I get "Attempt to delete minibuffer...".
> Why is attempting to delete minibuffer wrong?
> Second thing is: how do I force emacs to break lines for me? When I write
> news posts, I want my lines to be less than 70 chars. Is there a way to
> force emacs to break my lines for me?
> And, how do I prevent emacs from showing me introductory screen? If I run
> emacs -nw foo, I want to see foo opened, not introductory screen... :-\
the last one:
(setq inhibit-startup-message t)

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