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Re: finding the face of a popup

From: Allan Gottlieb
Subject: Re: finding the face of a popup
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:22:43 -0400
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At Wed, 29 Aug 2007 18:55:51 +1000 Tim X <address@hidden> wrote:

> Allan Gottlieb <address@hidden> writes:
>> I can't "put point on the face" since the popup goes away when I am
>> not on the place that *triggers* the popup.  That is the entire
>> problem.
> and I gave you the solution. With list-faces-display you don't need to put
> point anywhere to find the name of the face you are interested in.
> If you do a list-faces-display you get a buffer that on one side lists the
> name of all the defined faces (including tooltip) and on the other side a
> sample of what that face looks like.
> All you have to do to find the name of the face is scroll through the
> buffer until you see a sample which matches the face your looking for (in
> your case, a face with the same foreground and background colours, then you
> either hit enter with point on the face name or use the mouse (instructions
> at the top of the buffer) and you get a customize-face buffer where you can
> set the foreground/background (and many other things. 

What if two or more faces have the same foreground and background?

I don't consider that a real solution; it is the best I know of at the
moment (other than having someone on the group tell me the name of the
face in reply to a question :-) ).

I believe that the description of a face given by placing point
over a field and typing C-u C-x = should tell you
the face of a popup that is triggered when the mouse is over that


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