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Re: cperl-mode

From: rahed
Subject: Re: cperl-mode
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2007 10:17:03 +0000
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Tim X <address@hidden> writes:

> Interesting regarding your reference to reports that cperl-mode is almost
> unusable under emacs 22. I've not found this. I have noticed some
> fontification that doesn't look correct and do get considerable 'error
> messages' reported in the mini-buffer concerning unmatched parens etc, but
> yo don't get this if your inserting parens or other delimiters in
> pairs. For exmaple, qw/ will give unmatched/unbalanced errors after every
> character you insert. I guess its possible this could impact on
> performance. However, if you do qw/ /, with point inbetween the /s, then
> you don't get the warning/errors after each character you insert. 
> I tend to use some of the 'hairy' options, which means when I do something
> like an if or for/foreach etc, most of the delimiters are automatically
> added in matched pairs - maybe thats why I'm not having the problems others 
> have reported. 
> I've not noticed any problems with scrolling of pages or any slowness - not
> sure if thats because I'm not suffering the same problems or maybe I'm just
> naturally slow and therefore don't notice it!

I also hear this for the first time, I don't experience any of these
problems and don't use 'hairy' options.


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