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Re: Building 22.1, on Ubuntu

From: Dave Pawson
Subject: Re: Building 22.1, on Ubuntu
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 10:47:08 +0100

Replying to a couple of Giorgos mails together.

On 08/09/2007, Giorgos Keramidas <address@hidden> wrote:

> No, not really.  At least, not to someone who hasn't seen all those
> names before.  I understand that helping someone who "has no clue" may
> be frustrating, but can we please tone the thread down a bit?  Some
> times, newbies tend to ask "silly" things.  Let's reply with the things
> they are missing and where they can learn more, shall we? :-)

An expression I like. No such thing as a silly question. Only a silly answer:-)
I have had, and I'm getting, the help I need from the list thanks. Try doing
the same with a windows application. Mail Redmond and wait .....

>   These names refer to packages which you can
> install to supplement your basic Ubuntu installation with extra
> libraries which Emacs can use to compile as a GUI application for the
> X11 desktop.
> You can list many of the packages available for Debian and Ubuntu by
> using the "apt-cache" utility:
>     # apt-cache search 'xaw'

Someone else pointed out the gui version, C-f with synaptics.
It still needs research/help to translate the responses though.

> Try the command for each name you don't understand, or even for parts of
> the name, and look at the output apt-cache produces.  If you don't
> understand what each package does, look up the name of the package on
> `'.  The online package listing at contains a
> wealth of information for each package.

I'm unsure about the relationship of Ubuntu to Debian.
Some pages seem to imply that there may be a bad reaction.
So far I've only used packages from the Ubuntu repo's which
are clearly enough.

As for improving Emacs, it may not be easy to list the package names of
dozens, hundreds of GNU/Linux distributions, or even other OS systems.
I commonly build Emacs on Solaris and BSD systems too, for example, and
`xaw3dg-dev' doesn't really mean anything useful there.  But that's a
very interesting idea to explore a bit :)
I'll collect my findings on my site when I've finished.

Now you have gtk-dev too, so Emacs will use the GTK+ `widgets' for
displaying its menu, context menus when you right-click with a mouse,
and neat GTK+ based buttons. </gk>

But only if you run ./configure  --with-x-toolkit=gtk
which is helpful.
Perhaps the INSTALL file could make it clear just what this implies,
for those that don't associate gtk with widgets.

<gk>Now is the time to run `make distclean', or extract a clean tarball of
the Emacs sources and build everything with this latest version of a
build-environment you have installed.</gk>

Sorry, you've lost me here Giorgos.
Each failed attempt was followed by make distclean to clean up the
rubbish. I'm OK with that.
How to extract a clean tarball though?
Do you mean to include all the system level files, i.e. those not in
the emacs distro? Sort of building the linked file from the compiled
object files? Or something quite different.


Dave Pawson

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