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Re: xft gnu emacs

From: Sean Sieger
Subject: Re: xft gnu emacs
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 15:54:32 -0400
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   > Now that the emacs-unicode-2 branch is merged into the trunk, what is
   > the correct cvs incantation to retrieve the GNU Emacs with XFT
   > support?

   From where do you know this?

I don't claim to know anything, I have tried to make sense of threads on
emacs-devel.  For instance I had some intermittent problem with
outline-mode and Glenn Morris told me to get it from the trunk, I
thought he meant get emacs-unicode-2 from the trunk.

I'm just confused, Peter.  Can you tell me what I should be doing,
getting another copy of emacs-unicode-2 and keeping it up to date?  I
think the confusing part was that I once had an XFT GNU Emacs that had a
version and now it says's what got me to try to
look into this in the first place, then the outline-mode fontification
issue that I had in the second place.

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