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Re: Polish characters in emacs

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Polish characters in emacs
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 22:44:14 +0200

Am 12.10.2007 um 21:03 schrieb Wojtek:

My IT people are going to take away the Fedora 5 machine so this may
be a mute point but I would
like to learn what is going on.

What is the version of GNU Emacs on Fedora Core 5? Probably some early version 21.

What is the phenomenon by which you judge that GNU Emacs can't display ÓóĄąĆćĘꣳŃńŚśŹźżż? I don't have more guesses ...

Have you checked lucidasanstypewriter-12 font with xfd? You can use a bigger size to see the glyphs more clearly. (I was writing of the TrueType fonts, which are not restricted to some ISO Latin encoding.) Have you checked with xfontsel or xlsfonts which fonts exist on *your* local Fedora Core 7 system that support Polish characters? Can you pass such a font's name to GNU Emacs? (Since the DISPLAY variable on the Fedora Core 5 system is set to your local Fedora Core 7 system, remote GNU Emacs uses your local fonts. So the chances are excellent that Unicode fonts exist – although they might not be installed. And from these, ISO Latin or MS sub-encodings are automatically derived, so you can make GNU Emacs' memory use small.) Check X11's Font Path (xset -q) and correct it if necessary, i.e. there are more directories with fonts than the X server knows.

You can do the same in Cygwin ...

Which encoding is displayed in mode-line?

If you want some help you have to give the answers we ask for. They're not meant to waste your (leisure) time.

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