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RE: Two tramp questions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Two tramp questions
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 11:05:54 -0700

> > I use tramp to edit remote or root files. Although I've read
> > tramp works well with ido-mode I don't understand it. If ido (or
> > icicles) is enabled the moment I start typing '/ssh:...'  into
> > the the minibuffer a tramp process is started and dies right
> > away.
> This is why I started using iswitchb mode instead.  The processes
> wouldn't die, on the other hand they would be going and tie up the
> entire Emacs session.  That was worse ;)  iswitchb-mode works really
> well: it does not enforce completion in situations like this, only on
> buffers.  I found the file-finding of icicles and ido-mode to just
> slow me down.

In response to a specific bug report, the Tramp developer (Michael Albinus)
and I recently worked on making Tramp and Icicles play well together. Ido
also has a good deal of code that tries to make it get along well with

It is always better to report a specific bug than to ignore a problem you
encounter. Even if you don't really care whether something works, others
might benefit from reporting the problem. Please try the latest version of
Icicles and let me know if you encounter a problem with Tramp. Thx.

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