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Re: How to write a string to a file inside emacs ?

From: Rainer Joswig
Subject: Re: How to write a string to a file inside emacs ?
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 00:16:17 +0200
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In article <address@hidden>,
 Xah Lee <address@hidden> wrote:

> I got tricked into posting into a group i didn't intend to.

Bla bla.

> People, if you are going to advice and tweak the newsgroup follow up,
> start with motherfucking yourself.
> I repost my original message below
> -------------------------------
> Please ignore Rainer Joswig's advice. He's a Common Lisp fan.


> comp.lang.lisp is for all lisps, including emacs lisp.

If I have a Scheme question, I use comp.lang.scheme.
If I have a Logo question, I use comp.lang.logo.
If I have an Emacs question, I use one of the
multitude of Emacs newsgroups.

Comp.lang.lisp is mostly used for general Lisp discussion.
Specific questions about implementations and their usage
are best asked on their mailing lists or their newsgroups.
Newbies may not know the right place to ask, so
they often get the pointer to the right place.

comp.lang.lisp  is not about customizing GNU Emacs.

If you want to post about customizing Emacs,
do it in an Emacs newsgroup. All the stuff
you have posted is Emacs specific and not of
general interest (image tags in Emacs).
GNU Emacs has a special Lisp dialect for customization
and its own libraries.

If you want to post about a GENERAL Lisp topic (which might
include questions about all Lisp dialects), post in
comp.lang.lisp . But, best post to the most
specific newsgroup to get the most qualified answer.

Your own postings about customizing Emacs are a typical
example for an unwanted cross-posting. Please stop
that. They may be useful for Emacs users, but there
is little general Lisp content.

Should every comp.lang.logo post be cross-posted to comp.lang.lisp,
just because Logo is a Lisp dialect? I'd hope not.

>   Xah
>   address@hidden
> On Oct 23, 9:45 am, Rainer Joswig wrote:
> ?
> Please send Emacs related questions only to an Emacs
> newsgroup. comp.lang.lisp and comp.lang.scheme are
> not for general questions about Emacs and not
> for questions customizing Emacs with Emacs Lisp.
> Thanks.
> Followup-To set to .
> ?

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