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Re: tramp/ange-ftp: error in creation of dir's

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp/ange-ftp: error in creation of dir's
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 22:55:33 +0100
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Martin Steffen <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,


> so, here is the FTP-Buffer. Note that it contains 2 parts, one that is
> ``automatically'' done when I am operating in dired mode. The very last
> part reflects the interaction, when _I_ myself use the FTP-buffer as
> interactive shell to operate the ftp-protocol.
> The file structure is /Volume_1 at the root.  When I logon to
> the directory 
>       address@hidden:
> I get the root / of the file system displayed in dired (as I would
> expect). Getting into the displayed directory /Volume_1 
> in the dired gets me there, as exected. The next command, the 
> attempted creation of "testdir", fails.  So I can browse fine,
> but creating directories does not work (the same happens
> when trying to delete an empty directory).

OK. Could you, please, run a native test from the command line:

# ftp

Provide user name / password as requested. Afterwards, please apply the
following commands which we have seen in the ange-ftp buffer. This is a
test to see whether it is ange-ftp or your FTP server which behaves

ftp> hash
ftp> pwd
ftp> cd /
ftp> ls -al
ftp> quote mdtm /
ftp> cd /Volume_1/
ftp> ls -al
ftp> quote mdtm /Volume_1/
ftp> mkdir /Volume_1/testdir
ftp> bye

Please show the session listing of all these commands. I suspect it is
the FTP server which runs into problems. Maybe because of this from your

> ftp> pwd
> 257 "/Volume_1" is current directory.
> ftp> mkdir testdir
> 257 "/mnt/HD_a2/testdir" new directory created.

Looks like "/Volume_1" is a link or so, because "testdir" has been
created on another physical location.

> The version of the FTP server is indicated in the protocol, I
> guess. Anyway, the host is a NAS (network attached server, a D-Link
> DNS-323) and I cannot login to it, it's accessible basically via FTP (and
> samba and UPnP).

Ah. Samba on FAT32 likely. This could explain why the smb based copy
results in shortened file names.

Off topic: looks like it is possible to run native Linux on a D-Link
DNS-323. I did something similar with my Linksys NSLU2, and I'm happy
with it.

> Cheers, 
> Martin

Best regards, Michael.

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