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Re: Emacs Environment Variables

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Emacs Environment Variables
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 14:38:30 +0100

Am 24.11.2007 um 13:48 schrieb Ismael Valladolid Torres:

I am afraid he means running emacs from an icon in its window manager
menu. Then it doesn't honor .bashrc, as it wasn't run from a bash

I did not understand the message this way, although I though of login and non-login interactive sessions.

If running Debian or Ubuntu he could move important env definitions
into /etc/environment. I am sure there are ways to do this on Fedora
or Mandriva systems.

There is also /etc/profile which is read by bash if it's launched as a login shell. If a user does not have ~/.profile, then a bash login shell reads ~/.bash_login. When this file sets important environment variables like LANG or LC_CTYPE, then the user's environment will have set these values from login time at the login screen. All other processes will inherit from this environment, including X, will which pass this on to all clients launched via menu entries – and maybe also via icons on the desktop or in the dock (but I am guessing, I'm mostly on Mac OS X or Solaris with OpenWindows). ~/.bashrc would not need to contain that many basic settings if it can "delegate" some to ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile.

IMO bash is a bit too complicated to be used as a user's default shell.


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