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Re: Easy way to rename files sequentially?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Easy way to rename files sequentially?
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 23:23:29 +0100

Am 26.11.2007 um 19:11 schrieb reader:

But Peter, that is what my questions are about... how to accomplish
sequential numbering.  So what is there at your citation that informs
me about that?

To cite myself: (\# = number of already completed replacements, i.e. starting with 0).

My input in this thread started with a question directed at Eli about
the use of % R (from dired of course)

That's the key binding in dired-mode which starts the renaming (moving) action/process.

What you've shown, at least in part does not apply to dired mode does
it?  At least some of the operators you keep referring to are not
available in dired, or so it appears at this end.

I thought the new extension (since GNU Emacs 22) would work in dired- mode when I started to reply (and I did not see any other method than that described, so I started before making the test). Then I checked before I sent my reply and had to find that neither \, nor \# work. Wdired seems to be a working option that I did not check yet. And that I did not know of until now. At least I did not remember what I've once or twice read but never had to use yet ...

Besides I mentioned, as another option, to use a shell or whatever script when the simple approach with dired does not work. To produce that script the given code might be helpful to produce the target name.

Anyway, it's not that bad to look up a given reference. It can, sometimes (?), explain more than I can.



"Specifications are for the weak and timid!"

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