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Re: Auto Copy on mouse select

From: Joel J. Adamson
Subject: Re: Auto Copy on mouse select
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:10:08 -0500
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orium <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, everybody.
> I am using emacs 22.1, in graphic mode.  When I select some text with
> the mouse, that text is copied to clipboard, that is really annoying,

Sorry i'm not answering your actual question.  What operating system and
what graphical interface are you using?  That is typical X behavior,
i.e. selecting text in any program automatically copies it to the
clipboard.  You can paste by clicking the middle mouse button (or two
simultaneously if you're using a two-button mouse).

Why do you find it annoying?  Are you doing something special with the
clipboard?  What are you doing selecting text that you don't want to


Joel J. Adamson
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Research Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA  02114
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