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Consolidating Widely used Powerful emacs "features"

From: Sanjeev Kumar.S
Subject: Consolidating Widely used Powerful emacs "features"
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 09:29:45 -0800 (PST)


Every once in a while we come across some emacs feature, which after
using for a few days, we wonder how we got along without this ?
This thread is to list those features that is very useful when using and
navigating through anything on the system using emacs.
I thought I was a power user in emacs, but after seeing ido.el recently
I realized how ignorant I had been all these days, which prompted me
to start this list so that we can share our "discoveries".
Please do list features even if they are included in emacs as good ones
may be included later in emacs but some continue to be ignorant about
it. Case at point: bs.el.

1) ido.el, isearchb, iswitchb ( amazing navigational tools, you've got to
                                            try it to appreciate it)
2) xcscope.el ( not cscope.el which I was using for a long time :( , this
                        one with its colors and navigational beauty brings a
                        tear why nobody told you about this ).
3) tabbar.el ( Thank you for the bells & whistles but most deal with
                      only buffers 95% of the time. no ? )
4) bs.el ( the default buffer showing in emacs is good, but this is more
               powerful ).
5) color-theme.el  ( Finally what everyone wants at the end of the
                               day :variety )
6) session.el ( No matter how deep you are in your project, no matter
                      how long a break you take, you're back in business in a
                      jiffy with this. )
<Please delete this line and add more>


Oleksandr Gavenko <address@hidden> wrote:
I think that use emacs from Cygwin is not pretty, then naive build form
MinGW or MSVC (for GNU Emacs available build, especially this helpful if
you use Emacs not only with Cygwin utils.

But for some task it good. For example use remote ssh connection to
Windows with Emacs!

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