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Re: Ispell not working in TeX mode

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: Ispell not working in TeX mode
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:44:37 +0100
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I use that for ispell in auctex with aspell:

(add-hook 'TeX-language-fr-hook
          (lambda () (ispell-change-dictionary "french")))

and for ispell:

(setq-default ispell-program-name "aspell")

(setq ispell-local-dictionary "francais")

May be it help even if that's not on "win"dows ;)

Rasmus Pank Roulund <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello Peter,
>> Of course I am not use Losedos user, but how about adopting this
>> code 
> to your init file?
> Sorry, it did not make a difference :-(
>> You probably know how to find the dictionaries *spell can use.
> Sure. They are within the Aspell folder. Aspell should find them by itself.
>> Setting the programme and the dictionary once might allow both to 
> survive the change of the slice/volume/partition/drive. If not, there
> are some variables you can set to determine exactly and unalterable
> where aspell will find its dictionaries and other paraphernalia, maybe
> best as "C:/...":
> I am very sorry, but I am not very familiar with Lisp and Emacs
> programming. Thus, the above dose not make sense to me, at all. I do
> not think it is a problem to find aspell. It is within the path, and
> only AUCTeX is not able to start Aspell. Every other Emacs mode is
> able to do some, and from the command line I can start aspell as
> welll. As I wrote, I am able to switch a buffer from TeX mode to text
> mode, and aspell will work in that buffer.
>>     ispell-aspell-data-dir
> It is within the path, so it should not matter. Aspell.exe is
> recognized no matter where on one "is" on the computer.
>>     ispell-aspell-dict-dir
> I am not sure what this is . . .
>> Maybe you also need to create a hook that changes
>>     ispell-process-directory
>> if not changed correctly.
> How would I do that? Sorry for asking, but as I said, I am no Emacs expert.
> Thanks,
> Rasmus
> Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> Am 15.02.2008 um 15:59 schrieb Rasmus Pank Roulund:
>>>   I use Emacsw32 22.0.990 and AUCTeX 11.85. Aspell 0.60.3.
>>>   I use Aspell for spell-checking (obviously). I have split my hdd
>>> into two partitions. One for programs and one for data, documents
>>> etc. My tex documents are located on the data partition (letter D)
>>> while Emacs, AUCTeX and Aspell is located on the software partition
>>> (letter C).
>>>   When I open a tex file on the D drive, AUCTeX is not able to
>>> start the ispell process. In messages is says:
>>>     Starting new Ispell process [dansk] ...
>>>     Applying style hooks... done
>>>     Loading texmathp...done
>>>     Error in post-command-hook: (error Process ispell not running)
>>> Sometimes it writes
>>>     Starting new Ispell process [dansk] ...
>>>     Spell checking loese-tanker.tex using aspell with danse dictionary...
>> You're using Aspell and complain that ispell is not working?
>> To which programmes belong the "dansk" and "danse" dictionaries?
>> I am using
>>     (setq ispell-program-name "ispell")
>> to make GNU Emacs use the old ispell programme instead of the new
>> aspell. The ispell-program-name variable's definition can also be a
>> full pathname.
>> -- 
>> Greetings
>>   Pete
>> Be careful of reading health books, you might die of a misprint.
>>                 – Mark Twain

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