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Re: Coding system and environment variables

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: Re: Coding system and environment variables
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 17:23:30 +0100
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>>>>> Göran Uddeborg <address@hidden> (GU) wrote:

>GU> How is the coding system decided when reading an environment variable?
>GU> I'm running a system using UTF-8.  My locale is sv_SE.utf8.  And emacs
>GU> uses UTF-8 as default most of the time.  When I open a new file for
>GU> example.


I looked in the code and it seems that Emacs doesn't apply
file-name-coding-system when expanding ~ to $HOME. Neither when you
interpolate $XXX environment variables in a file name. It just copies the
bytes. I think this is a bug. Please report it.

By the way, your posting contains 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf8
That should be utf-8 (with the hyphen). Therefore your posting reads wrong.
Piet van Oostrum <address@hidden>
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