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Re: desktop mode, periodic save

From: Thorsten Bonow
Subject: Re: desktop mode, periodic save
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 22:21:30 +0100
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>>>>> "Xah" == Xah  <address@hidden> writes:

    Xah> how can i write a elisp code so that a function is called every 10
    Xah> minutes.

    Xah> I found “sleep-for” but it freezes emacs for the period.

    Xah> Thanks.


there are the

`run-with-idle-timer'/`run-with-timer' defuns...

I'm quoting from the documentation:

(run-with-timer secs repeat function &rest args)

Perform an action after a delay of secs seconds.
Repeat the action every repeat seconds, if repeat is non-nil.
secs and repeat may be integers or floating point numbers.
The action is to call function with arguments args.

This function returns a timer object which you can use in `cancel-timer'.


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