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Re: german umlauts vs. meta key

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: german umlauts vs. meta key
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 16:50:38 +0100

Am 29.02.2008 um 08:46 schrieb Andreas Goesele:

I'm in the process of moving from XEmacs to Emacs, but I encountered a

Which prehistoric version of GNU Emacs are you trying to use? Up-to- date version 22.1 accepts German umlauts directly from the keyboard, it even can handle Unicode. No particular input method is needed. And the URL you gave is out of time, part of a museum.

You could try this behaviour by launching GNU Emacs with the -Q argument. Then no init will be loaded and you could insert whatever you want directly into the *scratch* buffer, for example. You might also think of customising X11 such that your keyboard emits particular characters (€ for example) when holding the alt key. So in case you're using a keyboard with an US layout, alt-# or such could produce ä.

Modern Emacsen read the environment variable LC_CTYPE and try to setup a preference for a particular encoding default, for example ISO 8859-15 or UTF-8.

Another explanation of the problem I found is that under the console
C-s disables input and C-q reenables it - which indeed is the case,
but doesn't make much sense under a xterminal, does it? (XEmacs does
not interpret C-s and C-q this way.)

How can it? It's the terminal that steals the input event which was passed to it via X11. If the terminal emulation has no use for a certain input it passes it further to some shell interpreter or programme running in it.

^S/^Q are part of the software handshake. Just switch it off with stty!

With Gnu Emacs from CVS (version 23.0.60) you can make use of the multi-tty patch: one GNU Emacs client is running in X11, Emacs server started, and in every terminal window you can have access to GNU Emacs by invoking 'emacsclient -t'. In Mac OS X (partly FreeBSD based) this give *me* a problem when I isearch for a German umlaut in a file's name: HFS+ saves it decomposed, i.e. I would need to search for o¨ instead of ö, or such ...

Mit friedvollen Grüßen


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