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Re: german umlauts vs. meta key

From: kl811af
Subject: Re: german umlauts vs. meta key
Date: 09 Mar 2008 02:52:20 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> writes:

> Which prehistoric version of GNU Emacs are you trying to use?

21.4.1 (released 2005!)

> Up-to- date version 22.1 accepts German umlauts directly from the
> keyboard, it even can handle Unicode. No particular input method is
> needed.

At the moment unfortunately I can't move to that version.

> And the URL you gave is out of time, part of a museum.

But still valid for 21.4.1, isn't it.
> You could try this behaviour by launching GNU Emacs with the -Q
> argument. Then no init will be loaded and you could insert whatever
> you want directly into the *scratch* buffer, for example.

Under 21.4.1 this doesn't allow to input umlauts.

> You might also think of customising X11 such that your keyboard
> emits particular characters (ž� for example) when holding the alt
> key. So in case you're using a keyboard with an US layout, alt-# or
> such could produce ä.

Except for emacs in an xterminal I don't have problems to input

> > Another explanation of the problem I found is that under the console
> > C-s disables input and C-q reenables it - which indeed is the case,
> > but doesn't make much sense under a xterminal, does it? (XEmacs does
> > not interpret C-s and C-q this way.)
> How can it? It's the terminal that steals the input event which was
> passed to it via X11. If the terminal emulation has no use for a
> certain input it passes it further to some shell interpreter or
> programme running in it.
> ^S/^Q are part of the software handshake. Just switch it off with stty!

But in XEmacs and Emacs without the code snippet I need to input the
umlauts ^S/^Q work without problem the emacs way.

Thanks for you help and suggestions, but as I'm stuck with 21.4 I
still would like to have emacs to accept umlauts *and* all basic emacs
commands. Any suggestion?

Thanks again


Andreas Goesele

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