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emacs shell cursor movement is broken in 22.1

From: jimka
Subject: emacs shell cursor movement is broken in 22.1
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:44:16 -0700 (PDT)
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I've used the emacs shell for 20 years and emacs 22.1 has added a
of "features" which make like difficult.

Can someone explain to me how to make the cursor navigation functions
work in a more sane way.


1) if i use the shell command !!:p to print the previous shell
In previous versions of emacs i could simply edit that line and press
return and
it would enter it as the next input to the shell.  Now, emacs 22.1
ignores it
when i press enter on such a line.

2) if i use !!:p to print the shell command such as "ls -R
then move the curser up to the line and insert something at the
beginning of the line
like cd /xyzzy; so that the new line content is "cd /xyzzy;ls -R

 At that point if i press C-E to go to the end of the line and C-A to
go to
the beginning of the line, the cursor stops at the ls -l, and does not
move back to the REAL
beginning of the line.   I've checked and C-A is still bound to move-
and i looked at the elisp code for move-beginning-of-line and cannot
figure out
why it is not really going to the beginning, and how to influence it
to do sl.

3) similarly on the above line "cd /xyzzy;ls -R xyzzy*.x.y.*" pressing
only cuts the part from cd /xyzzy;.  ie. it does not cut to the end of
the line
like it did for the past 20 years. kill-line seems to still be bound
to kill-line
and in every other mode kill-line really kills the rest of the line.

Can someone please give me some clues about what is going wrong?
Maybe it is some minor mode i need to disable???

many thanks

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