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RE: emacs shell cursor movement is broken in 22.1

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: emacs shell cursor movement is broken in 22.1
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 12:16:32 -0700

> > > Another example would be if i want to find the last command that
> > > contained a certain word.
> >
> > I haven't followed this thread, but you might be interested 
> > in trying Icicles' comint (shell) mode enhancements. They let
> > you easily complete against pastshellinputs in various ways,
> > to reuse them.
> >
> ommands...
> yes there are lots and lots of interesting modes.  But what i want
> is to search in the buffer, with normal buffer search commands such
> as C-r and C-s, edit the command like a normal buffer, inserting,
> deleting and overwriting, then
> press ENTER to re-execute the command at the next shell prompt.
> fancy completion modes are well and good, but they should not prevent
> basic navigation and editing.

Nothing in Icicles prevents basic navigation and editing.

It sounds like you can already do just what you want, based on your
description, above. What prevents you now from searching with C-r, editing,
and re-executing?

But as I said, I didn't follow the thread (sorry), so it's not clear to me
what you might want beyond what you say above. That's my fault. Just trying
to help. 

FWIW, 'icicle-comint-search' does what you describe above: it searches the
buffer. (But it doesn't use "normal buffer search commands such as C-r and
C-s - it gives you better search features.) When you choose the past command
that you want, you can certainly edit it and then hit ENTER to re-execute.

It's OK if I don't get it - I don't really need to understand your problem
better. If the info I gave helps, great. If not, ignore it. HTH.

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