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Re: Reasons for Switching to Eshell

From: Pavol Murin
Subject: Re: Reasons for Switching to Eshell
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 11:40:20 +0200

>  Dear All,
>  I am slowly discovering new features in emacs and I found out it has its
>  own shell (eshell).
>  Now, I wonder if it is a good investment to learn how to use it. I found
>  tons of tutorials online (BTW: any recommendation to start me out?), but
>  I am missing the big picture.
>  I suppose that eshell must be perfectly integrated with emacs, but other
>  than that are there reasons to give it preference with respect to .e.g BASH?
>  Many thanks
>  Lorenzo

Now I don't know if you are already running a shell in emacs - I think
that is definitely a great idea. If for nothing else: you can search
the output of commands and save the output of a command after it was
already run. Having full emacs available in the shell is great. There
are some problems - e.g. ncurses, but that doesn't bother me
personally. YMMV.

However, this does not answer your question whether it is worth to use
eshell. I don't know that, I just use bash. If you already knew about
the benefits of running a shell, sorry for wasting your time.


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