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Re: Choosing a versioning system

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: Choosing a versioning system
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 08:38:26 +0200
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rustom <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mar 30, 11:59 pm, Oleg Katsitadze <address@hidden> wrote:
>> CVS is good but has a few flaws.  Don't use it for new projects.
>> SVN (subversion) is a successor to CVS with the flaws fixed and new
>> features added.
>> Distributed systems (git, monotone) are good when you don't have (or
>> don't want to have) a server to keep the repository.
> Yes that is my impression also.
> What your reply suggests however is that we are seeing a cycle of
> simple-complex-simple:
> rcs -- simple (no server)
> cvs,svn -- more complex because needs centralized server
> modern distributed ones -- once again no need for server but with the
> lock model replaced with the merge model (see
> )
> And so I was wondering if these systems give the best of all worlds?
> But... there are just too many to choose from!!  bzr, darcs, git,
> mercurial, monotone...
> [Alphabetically listed  :-)   ]
> So my question is: For people living much of their lives in emacs and
> among other things trying to keep their own stuff versioned, what do
> you use??
> For the choice rcs-for-sysadmin files I see 3 options:
> -- make the ,v file next to the original file
> -- make the ,v file in an RCS directory  -- but that way one could end
> up having tens (100s?) of RCS directories in /etc alone!
> -- there is some way (I dont know of) of making one RCS repo for all
> files or at least all sysadmin file. So that something like 'I keep my
> home in svn' is possible with RCS
RCS do one directory RCS by directory.
thats mean that for /etc for example you will have one directory RCS for all the
files you have under version in this directory.
If you register a file in a subdirectory of /etc you will have a RCS directory 
this subdirectory ....etc..
If you use RCS for file in /etc think at unlocking the files that can be 
modified by the system.
But another time, if you want to put under version a big set of files like /etc,
use another version system.
CVS ==> bof...
SVN ==> good but a central repository.
mercurial ==> very good, own repo, you can use it with dvc.
git ==> seem to be the more advanced, work with dvc.
bzr ==> seem good, never tried, work with dvc.

With mercurial, if you want to put under version all /etc,
just do while you have cd in /etc:
hg init.==> thats done, all files in /etc and all subdir are under version!
A + Thierry
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