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RE: Find all commands bound to key prefix

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Find all commands bound to key prefix
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 21:28:16 -0700

> > I'd like to see a list of commands that are bound to key sequences
> > that starts with some prefix (e.g., C-x C-v).  How do I do that?
> if you mean a prefix like C-x you can get the possible completions
> by C-x C-h

That doesn't work for all (even most) prefixes. It doesn't work for C-s, for
instance (isearch-mode-map).

If you use Icicles, then just use the prefix, followed by S-TAB. In this case,
C-x S-TAB. 

All possible key-sequence completions of prefix C-x are then completion
candidates - they are shown in *Completions* along with their bindings

You can see the complete command definitions of selected candidates during
completion using C-M-RET or C-M-mouse-2, or you can see the definitions of
several or all candidates, in order, by repeating C-next.

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