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Re: ergonomic keybinding. Need qwerty testers.

From: Will Parsons
Subject: Re: ergonomic keybinding. Need qwerty testers.
Date: 3 Sep 2008 00:21:16 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (FreeBSD)

Xah wrote:
> The erognomic keybinding has a new version.
> A visual image for old and new layout can be seen at:
> Description of the main changes:
> ? Added delete-backward-char, delete-char, delete-backward-word,
> delete-word commands.
> ? The undo, cut, copy, paste, positions has been moved.
> Since i don't use qwerty, i'm looking for feedback on qwerty users.
> (i.e. in case i had some elisp code errors, or any issues that might
> come up)

Some comments:

I've been giving your keyboard mapping a try and generally like it.  In
particular, I like the cut/paste series (M-x, M-c, M-v) and the
window-splitting series (M-0, M-1, M-2).  I do regret, however, that the
M-c binding does conflict with the default capitalize-word binding, as I
use the capitalization functions bound by default to M-c, M-u, and M-l
pretty frequently.  At the moment, I've configured a "windows" key to be
Hyper and bound the capitalization functions to H-c, H-u, and H-l, so I'll
see how that works out.

(I've noticed a slight anomaly - since M-x is bound to kill-region, M-a is
used for execute-extended-command, but when one hits M-a, one is still
presented with a prompt "M-x ".)

As far as the cursor movement bindings, the single character movement
bindings seem natural enough, but I suspect I'll prefer to continue to use
arrow keys.  I'll have to give the other movement bindings more of trial
before making a final judgement, though the combinations involving M+S
(Alt+Shift) seem a little awkward to me.

I've bound M-g to goto-line for some time now, and am happy with the
standard C-k for kill-line, so prefer not to rebind M-g.

Similarly, I've bound M-p to ps-print-buffer, and since I don't use the
recenter function too often, am happy to stick with C-l for it.

I found the binding of M-d to delete-backward-char somewhat disconcerting,
because even though I've bound C-delete to kill-word, I'm still acustomed
to having M-d perform the same function in other contexts (e.g., in bash).


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