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RE: SVN vs RCS - How do I disable svn version control in favour ofRCS

From: Marc Armstrong
Subject: RE: SVN vs RCS - How do I disable svn version control in favour ofRCS
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 18:08:49 +0100


Thanks for your responses. I have tried changing the handled backends variable but this makes no difference. I have solved my problem however, by changing the svn sub-directory name that emacs recognises as a repository i.e. in vc-svn.el I changed


Best regards,


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Subject: Re: SVN vs RCS - How do I disable svn version control in favour ofRCS

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:22:57 +0100, "Marc Armstrong" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello,

> I am currently working on a project which uses SVN as the primary

> version control system. However I like to use RCS for my local version

> control during development. Therefore, I typically would like to check

> out a complete build of software from our archives (using the tortoise

> tool), develop my software using emacs and RCS to control the changes

> I make, then check the final product back into subversion repository.


> My problem is that the files, which are already under svn control are

> recognized as such by emacs due to the local '.svn' directory, meaning

> I can't use RCS. I would appreciate very much if someone could advise

> me how to tell emacs to ignore the svn directory?

In Emacs 23.X (perhaps also in the released 22.X versions) you can

customize the value of `vc-handled-backends':

,---[ C-h v vc-handled-backends RET ]----------------------------------


| vc-handled-backends's value is

| (RCS CVS SVN SCCS Bzr Git Hg Mtn Arch)


| Documentation:

| List of version control backends for which VC will be used.

| Entries in this list will be tried in order to determine whether a

| file is under that sort of version control.

| Removing an entry from the list prevents VC from being activated

| when visiting a file managed by that backend.

| An empty list disables VC altogether.



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