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Re: Trouble viewing accented characters

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: Trouble viewing accented characters
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 21:30:29 +0300
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Peter Dyballa пишет:

Am 18.09.2008 um 15:41 schrieb Armando Martins:

how can I view the accented characters correctly, please?

By setting the right encoding for the text in the buffer! The ISO Latin encodings are fine, some MS Losedos code pages (125[02]) also have LATIN SMALL LETTER [EO] WITH ACUTE on code points octal \351 resp. \363.

The mode-line of a recent GNU Emacs shows the encoding used in the buffer, the Options menu has a Mule entry which lets you choose another coding system by reverting this file now (C-x RET r).

Setting environment variables like LANG or LC_CTYPE to a reasonable value can enable GNU Emacs to use this reasonable value to present you a text file's contents. You can also try to set

    (prefer-coding-system     'iso-8859-15)

in your init file.

Your way if all file in single coding. For my Ukraine I have much text
with cp866, cp1251, koi8-r, uft-16-le, utf-8.

I found the method explain coding system already opened file to emacs by
typing C-x <enter> C, type character set of file
(by <TAB> you can learn what are exist) and C-x revert-buffer.

After emacs understand coding of file you may save file in other coding system typing C-x <ret> f. This useful tip then need windows CR/LF
convert to UNIX LF.

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