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Re: have installed cygwin, & "its" emacs. dired shows only subtree, no "

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: have installed cygwin, & "its" emacs. dired shows only subtree, no "up"
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 01:26:56 +0000 (UTC)

In article <address@hidden>, Martin Fischer  <address@hidden> wrote:
>(David Combs) writes:
>> Installed cygwin on my wife's pc.  Told it to grab, among
>> other things, emacs.
>> I run emacs, hit C-x d (dired), and shows me only
>> (I forget now) /home/....   With three files, (bash profile,
>> and two .xxxxrc files, and NO directories).
>> Seems that that's my "universe".
>> So as to go "up" in the dir-tree, I hit the "^", but
>> does nothing.
>you may also try to feed the dired prompt with somthing like "c:/" or
>"/cygdrive/c" or "/c".
>parozusa at web dot de

Thanks -- will go down and try in a minute.

Before I do, though, let me ask this related question:

The whole reason for doing all this is to be able to
download .mp3-files (which I can do via firefox),
leaving them in the predefined "downloads" area (dir).

The next action is to move them onto my sandsk, which the 
computer does know about, because when I go to "my computer"
it shows 4 or 5 icons, one for (this isn't right, but
is close) "ibm preload drive" C, and another one is for
my sandisk mp3-player.

So, there's some way (I forget right now) to mark the
mp3 files, click "move", and then choose the sandisk
as destination -- down in its own dir-tree.

And it works -- at least sometimes.

What I would MUCH RATHER DO is to do all that (well,
not the firefox downloading) via dired, using "R"
to move them all onto the sandisk.

Any idea how to refer to the sandisk?

(Well, I guess I can't even think about that until
I can get dired off Helena!)

Anyway, any ideas or hints?  Like I say, this windows-stuff
is a no-op in *my* brain, so anything will help.



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