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Re: Completion in Auctex

From: Rupert Swarbrick
Subject: Re: Completion in Auctex
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:26:57 +0100
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Phil Lord <address@hidden> writes:

> You might also want to try pabbrev.el; it's tab completion with
> continual, as-you-type feedback. While some people find this a little
> disturbing, I think it's great and very quick. In general, pabbrev.el
> is so wonderful that I think the author should be given a Nobel
> prize.

Hmm that's interesting. Have you used pabbrev with auctex? I used to use
it for all modes, but ended up switching it off for latex documents
since it wasn't good at working out partitions between bits of maths and
thus suggested all sorts of crazy "half-completions" when you wrote
e.g. $x_.

If there's a way to customize it to work out word boundaries(?) more
accurately, I'd be really interested to hear. As it is, I tend to use
DIY "C-x a l" and \newcommand...


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