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How to make dired-jump work with zsh.

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: How to make dired-jump work with zsh.
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 11:54:26 +0800
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Hi, everybody!

I have a little problem with zsh runing in emacs.

Example, i make bash run in term mode.
And current directory is "A", then i cd "B".
If i use `dired-jump' can jump directory "B" in dired.

But if i make zsh run in term mode,
and cd to "B" directory, then use `dired-jump'.
It can't jump to directory "B" in dired, just in directory "A".

So how to make `dired-jump' know current directory with zsh?
Or configuration ~/.zshrc ?

Thanks for your help!


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