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Re: LaTeX-editing TEXTAREAs using w3m?

From: Raj Shekhar
Subject: Re: LaTeX-editing TEXTAREAs using w3m?
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 22:06:13 +0530
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In infinite wisdom Nicolas Neuss <address@hidden> spoke thus:

> I have a web server which renders small LaTeX snippets as PDF or HTML/GIF.
> The LaTeX snippets can be edited via a browser as HTML-textarea fields.
> However, using standard browsers I miss the LaTeX-editing features I have
> available when editing LaTeX code with Emacs.

If you use Firefox, check out the mozex extension
<> It allows you to open
textarea in emacs.  Install and check out its preferences to set your

raj shekhar
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