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Re: Anyone use scim-bridge.el with Chinese?

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: Re: Anyone use scim-bridge.el with Chinese?
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2008 17:14:30 +0800
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Hi, Irie!

I have transform a Chinese version of scim-bridge-zh.el in my
Perhaps some word is not very exactly. :)

But, unfortunately.

I can't make scim-bridge.el works with my emacs.
Below is details:

------------------------------> Details start <------------------------------

Operationg System:
        Debian testing.

Desktop Environment:

Emacs Version:
        Emacs CVS (build at 2008-09-27)

I have set Emacs*useXIM: false in ~/.Xdefaults and use command "xrdb 
~/.Xdefaults" to update.

I make below configuration in ~/.emacs and startup with emacs -Q

(require 'scim-bridge-zh)
(scim-define-common-key (kbd "C-SPC") nil)
(scim-define-common-key (kbd "C-\\") nil)
(setq scim-cursor-color "red")
(scim-mode t)

And haven't any error message out when loading scim-bridge.el.

And the value of variable 'scim-imcontext-id' is "5".

And I use command "describe-key" get many key is binding with

And I rebinding key of SCIM turn on with <pause> use SCIM GUI
configuration utility.

------------------------------> Details end   <------------------------------

And I can't use scim-bridge.el input any Chinese.

Any suggestion?


  -- Andy.

"S. Irie" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hmm ... It is strange that you cannot input anything in Chinese. When
> I tested scim-mode on Linux distributions (Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9,
> etc.), it worked without trouble by using SCIM-pinyin in any case.
> This problem might not depend which language you use.
> Sorry, I cannot find the cause of the problem, with only the
> information which was shown up to now. I would like to know the more
> detailed situation.
> Here are some questions I would like you to answer:
> * Did you set the keybinding for `Trigger' in the `Frontend' section
> of `SCIM Input Method Setup' tool to any key event other than Control
> +space? Otherwise, you must remove `(scim-define-common-key ?\C-\
> nil)' from .emacs file in order to be able to start SCIM.
> * Do any error messages come out by loading/using `scim-bridge.el'? If
> so, what kind of errors are they?
> * What value is bound to the variable `scim-imcontext-id'? If the
> IMContext is registered successfully, its ID number is set to this
> variable as a string. (ex. "5", "12", etc.) Otherwise, the value keeps
> nil and any key events are not sent to SCIM.
> * Did you test .emacs file which contains only scim-mode settings in
> order to examine whether there is elisp conflicting with scim-mode?
> * Which version of Emacs, which operating system, and which desktop
> environment have you used?
> I will add the template file for `scim-bridge-??.el' to the next
> release of `scim-bridge.el'. In the current version, the functions
> used for localization is included in not `scim-bridge.el' but `scim-
> bridge-ja.el', even though some of these functions which can be
> commonly used for all languages should be included in `scim-
> bridge.el'. Thank you very much for your proposal!
> Anyway, it is necessary for the program to work correctly first of
> all.
> S. Irie

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