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Re: yow

From: TheFlyingDutchman
Subject: Re: yow
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 17:41:02 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

> Eeep, I just did a wget of that file, and now it's worse:
> """
> Loading yow...done
> Am I CONSING yet?...
> cookie-snarf: Search failed: "
> %%
> \\|
> %
> \\|^@"
> """

I don't think you can use that web page verbatim for yow.lines. It has
to be modified to have ASCII 00 delimiting the quotes.
If there isn't a ftp'able regular file somewhere, you would have to
edit the original one-line file to have the extra quotes, making sure
to add the terminators as well.

If you edit (data-directory)/yow.lines in Emacs you should see the
delimiters represented by ^@:
Zippy the pinhead data base.
Everything up to the first ascii \000 (`null') character is a comment.
The file consists of Zippy quotations (from various comic books and
 strips by Bill Griffith) followed by a null character.
 Newline characters following a quotation are ignored and are present
 only for readability.
Have FUN!
This file is currently used by:
 * the FORTUNE program on OZ.AI.MIT.EDU
 * the M-x yow command in GNU Emacs.
 * NIL (MIT Common Lisp)'s debugger
 * something Bandy wrote at LLL-CRG.ARPA (fucking death labs).
 * Henry's Zippy proxy (
A can of ASPARAGUS, 73 pigeons, some LIVE ammo, and a FROZEN DAQUIRI!!
A dwarf is passing out somewhere in Detroit!^@
A GRAM??  A BRAM...  A GROOM...  A BROOM...  Oh, Yeh!!  Wash the
 OFFICE!!  An OCEAN LINER!!  No, I think it's a CAFETERIA!!!^@
Zippy's brain cells are straining to bridge synapses...^@

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