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RE: Opening file with is in killring

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Opening file with is in killring
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 07:31:35 -0700

> Decebal> Sometimes I have the name of a file I want to open in the
> Decebal> killring. At the moment I give c-x c-f, delete the current path
> Decebal> and then give c-y. Is there a more efficiƫnt way to do this?
> yes, with a recent emacs you can only past, after prompt default path,
> and that should override default path. But to visit a file 
> which path is written in a buffer, you may want to use ffap
> (find-file-at-point).

Not sure what you're saying, but I think you're referring to yanking an absolute
file name, or a file name that starts with `~', after the default directory name
in the minibuffer. If so, that is not new but has been an Emacs feature for
decades. But it only works if the file name you yank is absolute or starts with

If a relative file name (e.g. `foo.el') is in the kill ring, then I know of
nothing quicker than clearing the minibuffer and then yanking.

But I bind a key (I use `M-k') in the minibuffer keymaps to a command that
clears the minibuffer, so only two keystrokes are needed (`M-k C-y'). Without
such a binding, you can always use `C-x DEL' (`DEL' is typically the Backspace
key), which is `backward-kill-sentence', or `ESC C-backspace' or `ESC C-delete',
which are `backward-kill-sexp'. They can generally help to clear the minibuffer.

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