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Re: some vi equivalents please?

From: rustom
Subject: Re: some vi equivalents please?
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 07:30:57 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 1, 10:07 pm, "Drew Adams" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > > some vi equivalents please?
> > > After you obtain the info you need, consider sharing it by
> > > posting it to Emacs Wiki:
> > > That might help other vi users who try Emacs. Type `vi'
> > > into the wiki search field to find an appropriate page to edit,
> > > or start a new page if none is appropriate (and link appropriate
> > > existing pages to it). It's very easy to edit the wiki.
> > > See also the Emacs manual (`C-h r'), node Emulation (`g
> > > Emulation'). My impression is that many former `vi' users of
> > > Emacs use Viper - see the Viper manual (`C-h i', then choose VIPER).
> > Well I tried putting up a table on emacswiki...
> > The link I made is
> > What I pasted is my org mode file. But I cant figure out how to
> > put a table into emacswiki. So its messed up.
> I fixed it on the wiki for you. Take a look (edit the page), and you'll see 
> how
> easy it is to create a table: ||a||b||c||. (You can alternatively use the 
> markup
> <pre>...</pre>.)
> FYI, how to edit the wiki is here:
>  `HowTo' (a link at the top of each page) > `Edit'
> In particular, see the link there called `TextFormattingRules'.
> However, I notice now that the table construct, `||', is not mentioned
> explicitly at `TextFormattingRules'. You'll find it by following the link
> `Oddmuse:Usemod Markup Extension'. (Feel free to add a brief mention of it at
> `TextFormattingRules', if you like.)

For some reason the forward-slash ( '/') in substitute is appearing
but in the next line -- substitute variables -- it is disappearing and
italicizing the pat

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