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emacs is not Microsoft Word [was emacs-w3m question]

From: Xah
Subject: emacs is not Microsoft Word [was emacs-w3m question]
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 12:17:49 -0800 (PST)
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Alan Mackenzie wrote:
> :-)  What I said was, I think, true.  People do use Emacs over comms
> lines.  Emacs developers actively resist the "tyranny of the majority".

Yes. 1+1==2, is true. Therefore you should shut the fuck up. 1+1 is
just true. Try it on your calculator. You can even call “calc” in
emacs. Here's what to do: type “Alt+x calc”, then type “1 Enter 1
Enter +”, then you'll see “2”. So, perhaps you should shut the fuck up
after all. Further, emacs is really not Microsoft word, nor is it even
a product by Microsoft. Your opinion turns out all wrong.

O, sorry i forgot, did u say emacs is used over comms lines? Is there
a context for this statement? Do you actually have a point?

O, actually, let me help you make your point. Like this: “Emacs is
still frequently used over terminals, therefore it should not use
Shift key as part of its shortcuts”.

Is that what you are trying to say? If so, let me know. I'll help you
understand what a moron you are. I mean it. I mean, that you and most
tech geekers, are so stupid, so lack of critical thinking abilities,
that you may actually not understand simple things, and think the
above line is quite reasonable. So, i'm saying, it is totally not
unexpected that you would seem nothing wrong with the above claim
about Shift key and telnet. I'm saying, that i'm willing to help you
understand what's wrong about it.

O, wait a minute. You also mentioned that emacs resist the tyranny of
the majority. So, we are back to the line about “emacs is not
Microsoft”, right?

Q: Why should emacs want to be popular and why should emacs change to
conform the majority?

This attitude has plagued unix and computer geekers for decades. In
the early 1990s (DOS and unix), tech geekers would sneer at graphical
menus and mouse, with hordes of reasons how pure text interface, the
command line, and or keyboard operations are sufficient and superior
than graphical user interface or using a mouse. This seems ridiculous
today, but such voices are commonly seen all over newsgroups. (Since
about 1998, linuxes are in a frenzied race to copy whole-sale of
Microsoft Windows's user interface ( KDE↗, GNOME↗, Lindows↗ ) trying
to make itself easy-to-use.)

We like emacs, we want emacs to be used by more people, we like more
elisp programers. By improving emacs, as a side effect emacs will also
be more popular. It is not a popularity contest.


what is the motherfuck is your problem with the majority or
popularity? I mean, what motherfuck is wrong with u?

you are a human animal, arn't you? and you know, there are 6+ billions
of human animals. So, you are part of the majority. Perhaps you should
cease to be a human animal to avoid being a majority?

you wear shoes right? majority of human animals wear shoes. So,
perhaps you can go barefoot so that you can get a sense of superiority
by not majority?

O, most people today believe earth is not flat. I'm sure Microsofties
believes that too. Perhaps emacs users should join flat-earthers so
it's not majority?

> Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

who the fuck r u anyway? care to enlighten us with perhaps your
resume? what emacs packages have u done? how long have u been a emacs
dev? what's your field of expertise? how old are u? 50? 60?

my life and cock size is a open book. Perhaps you should tell us about
yourself, since we have had many arguments, and consider that you are
my fan, since yourself said.


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