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RE: list files in dired case insensitive order

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: list files in dired case insensitive order
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 11:31:45 -0800

> I went to but server not responding.
> Could you possibly pass me that?
> Or perhaps put the source on emacswiki?

I just posted the copy I have on the wiki:

I generally don't like to do that, because people should always contact the
author for the latest version. It's not the best idea to have multiple versions
floating around. I added a comment to that effect to the start of the file's
Commentary. I've emailed the author to inform him. If his URL changes or his
site comes back up reliably, then I'll delete the copy on the wiki. It is the
author's choice where he wants users to look for the latest, maintained version
of his work.

> I read on emacswiki that you wrote "dired-sort-menu+.el" to enhance
> it. Couldn't you just fork it so it's one single coherent package?

I don't feel it's my place to do that. Posting a complete library that includes
the code of someone else plus my enhancements is not right. I informed the
author about `dired-sort-menu+.el' (long ago). If he wants to include those
minor enhancements in the original, then I will toss `dired-sort-menu+.el'. That
would be preferable, but I cannot make someone include my suggestions.

That's the way I work. As long as the original author prefers not to include my
additions or changes (or their equivalent), I offer my code as a separate,
auxilliary library. In sum, I write an enhancement for my own use first, without
modifying the original library, and I make the enhancement available to others
also, as long as it has not been incorporated into the original library.

It's no big deal for users; you need only load my library; it will load the
library it enhances.

> my gripe is that there are so many packages to install and massage things.

There is nothing additional to install, and no massaging needed. If you want my
enhancements, then you need only require `dired-sort-menu+.el' (and put both
libraries in your `load-path'). If you prefer the unenhanced original, then you
need only require `dired-sort-menu.el' (and put it in your `load-path'). No

> Usually this limit the usefulness to a few emacs diehards. It
> would be great if dired itself should handle case insensitive
> ordering, since this is pretty basic.

Send Emacs enhancement requests to address@hidden, or use `M-x
That is the only way you can change vanilla Emacs directly.

> (dired should also do opening several files, which is also a FAQ)...

I was thinking that `e', `f', `RET', and `o' would open the marked files, but I
guess not.

Dired+ does that - mark the files you want to open, then hit `F'.

> getting stuff into GNU Emacs is really a pain and long process...
> even though it has became better in the past 5 years.

I'm not convinced it has become better. But it is the bridge you must cross, if
you want to change vanilla Emacs.

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