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RE: Emacs's popularity (was: Distributed Maintenance for Emacs)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs's popularity (was: Distributed Maintenance for Emacs)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 09:46:32 -0800

> Not sure where I am picking this up from and maybe it is only
> persecution mentality, but it seems to me that in some quarters Emacs
> has been perceived to be an item of hilarity only to be seriously used
> by bearded software freedom types (judging by some recent comments I
> have seen on IRC and heard on assorted podcasts - Lugradio I'm looking
> at you), am I feeling overly persecuted or is that a sentiment others
> are also experiencing? Even among geeks we get picked on!!! 

Picked on? Yes, perhaps you do have a persecution problem. ;-)
Ah yes, the jungle of peer pressure - dur, dur pour les ados.
Don't worry; it will pass.

Sounds like a compliment, to me.
But then, I'm an unshaven antique entombed in hilarity.

> helping to introduce users to Emacs,
> so it has not been all negative publicity.

We need more negative publicity. Give us more.
Keeps out the bopper tourists.
> I personally don't care if Emacs is never the most popular editor on
> the planet, but I do care that it is given a fair chance to be
> evaluated on it's merit.

Trial by fire. Emacs to the rack. Let it suffer!
It deserves NO popularity. Free Emacs from the Popularistas!

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