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Re: How do you get C-M-x to work on NTEmacs?

From: Phil Carmody
Subject: Re: How do you get C-M-x to work on NTEmacs?
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 23:29:59 +0200
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formido <address@hidden> writes:
> How do you get C-M-x to work on NTEmacs?
> I assume this keyboard command means to press ctrl-esc-x all at the
> same time, but that doesn't do anything but activate the start menu.

No. 'ESC-' is not the same as 'M-'. 'M-' is a _modifier_ which 
accompanies other keypresses. For 'ESC-', you need to tap the 
escape key. After release you'll be in a mode such that if your 
next keypress is 'x', say, then it will be treated as if you 
had pressed 'M-x'.

So tap escape, 'ESC-' should appear in the minibuffer, and then 
press 'C-x'. That should then be treated as 'C-M-x' (which here
does nothing).

Alternatively, try using either the alt or the windows keys to 
see if they generate the 'M-' modifier.

I tried the Vista speech recognition by running the tutorial. I was 
amazed, it was awesome, recognised every word I said. Then I said the 
wrong word ... and it typed the right one. It was actually just 
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