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Re: Chinese characters missing in .ps output file

From: Rodolfo Medina
Subject: Re: Chinese characters missing in .ps output file
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 22:18:05 +0000
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Rodolfo Medina <address@hidden> writes:

> With Emacs, I correctly open a file including chinese characters.  The
> characters are correctly displayed in the text file, but when I try to create
> the ps file, with `C-u M-x pr-ps-print-buffer-preview' or `C-u M-x
> pr-ps-print-buffer-print', they are not displayed.
> What am I missing, how can I work it out?

Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> writes:

> You are missing CID mapped PostScript fonts or a means to teach GNU Emacs to
> use TrueType or OpenType fonts instead.
> Remember: a PostScript font can have thousands or millions of glyphs, but its
> encoding can only be 256 elements. It took years until  PostScript was
> expanded 
> to support CJK scripts.
> Instead try htmlize.el by Hrvoje Nikšić:
> ~hniksic/emacs/htmlize.el. A sample of its capabilities can be seen here:
> – missing  some CJK and
> other non-Latin content. Lennart Borgman's htmlize- 
> view.el helps a bit to handle printing (
> home/pi/emacs.d/site-lisp/htmlize-view.el).

Am 21.12.2008 um 21:30 schrieb Rodolfo Medina:

>> With `' I can convert the text
>> file into html format.  But, I still can't print it.

No, it was my printer having problems.  Now I can print the html file fine!

> Can't you tell your browser to print the HTML version or save it as PDF?

Now I can print the HTML version.  As to save it as PDF, my Mozilla version
does not seem to be able to.  What browser do you know can do it?

> The other question is: did you understand what I wrote about PostScript
> fonts?  If so, can you explain why it's not so easy to print a PostScript
> file with CJK content?

Well, in fact no, I didn't understand what you wrote about PS fonts.  How can
obtain a .ps file from a text file including chinese characters?

Bare with my ignorance, thanks indeed

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