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Re: Bad GUI (Monochore), when i compile emacs

From: B Smith-Mannschott
Subject: Re: Bad GUI (Monochore), when i compile emacs
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 11:42:38 +0100

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 3:42 AM, Mario Xerxes Castelán Castro <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi, i am Mario :), i are using Ubuntu GNU/Linux for AMD64.
I have compiled emacs, but the interface seems strange and ugly (See attachment).
¿Everybody can help me to make the interface as those who appears at
PD: Please excuse my bad english.

It looks like you're missing some dependencies or ./configure isn't finding them for some reason. Take a closer look at the output of ./configure.

The 1-bit dithered gnu makes me suspect that it's not finding libraries for png, jpeg and friends, so it's falling back to xbm (x-bit-map).

You're build also apparently isn't finding a decent GUI toolkit (neither GNOME nor lesstif). Emacs is doing its own thing for both scroll bar and menu bar.

// Ben Smith-Mannschott

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