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RE: Dismissing a completion buffer?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Dismissing a completion buffer?
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 08:43:54 -0800

> When a completion buffer pops up, e.g. M-x o, enter something, hit
> tab... how do I dismiss that buffer?  Ctrl-g (cancel) seems to have no
> effect; Ctrl-x k doesn't do the right thing; and hitting Esc doesn't
> have the desired effect.

I assume that you have `pop-up-frames' = t or something similar - something that
causes buffer *Completions* to appear in its own frame.

In vanilla Emacs, `C-g' does nothing to remove this frame, as you say.
Icicles does not have this problem:

In Icicles, if *Completions* is displayed in its own frame (sole window), and
that frame has no minibuffer or has only an inactive minibuffer, then the frame
is deleted when you use `C-g' (or when you choose a completion candidate).

> mentions completion-popup-frame-dismiss and some key bindings.  The
> key bindings don't seems to work on my installation.

Perhaps Toby Cubitt (author of Predictive) can help with that.

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