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Re: next-error for dired-find?

From: Martin
Subject: Re: next-error for dired-find?
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 10:33:42 +0100
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Mike Halloran writes:

> Is there a good way to run a file search, and use the c-x backtick (c-
> x `) (next-error) command to jump to each file?
> c-x backtick works with grep, and grep-find. Basically, I am looking
> to do a quick browse through each cpp file in my source tree.
> Any thoughts?

find-grep-dired               M-x ... RET

   Find files in DIR containing a regexp REGEXP and start Dired on output.

grep-find                     M-x ... RET

   Run grep via find, with user-specified args COMMAND-ARGS.

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